Single Phase Motors

Single phase motors are rated for use at 120 and/or 240 volts AC @ 60 Hz. We offer four different types of single phase motors; Split Phase, PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor), Capacitor Start and Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run.

Split phase motors have low starting torque, no capacitors, have high starting current and have switching to drop the start winding out of the circuit when the rotor speed gets to 75% of the rated speed. These are typically used in low torque applications like belt drive fans, blowers and pumps. The horsepower ranges for this type of motor are typically under 1 horsepower.

PSC or Permanent Split Capacitor are a low torque motor typically used on direct drive fans and blowers. They have a run capacitor in the circuit at all times to increase their efficiency. These also have a lower horsepower ratings under 1 horsepower.

Capacitor start motors use a capacitor to increase the starting torque of the motor. These motors use switching to take the start winding and capacitor out of the start circuit once the rotor reaches 75% of its rated speed. These are typically used on compressor, industrial, commercial and farm equipment. Typical horsepower ranges are 3 horsepower and lower.

Capacitor start/capacitor run motors use both a start capacitor for higher starting torque and a run capacitor for increased efficiency. These motors have the start capacitor switched out of the circuit when the rotor speed reaches 75% of the rated speed but the run capacitor stays in the circuit to reduce the amp draw of the motor. These are typically 3 horsepower to 15 horsepower.

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