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Motor accessories are used to aid in the installation of the motor or to quickly adapt a motor to a different frame. Electric Motor Company offers a variety of different motor accessories. See below for more information about our accessories or call us for help in figuring out which of these will work on your motor!

Blower Kits

Blower kits are used to cool motors that are running on low RPM’s (rotations per minute) and motors that are being used on variable frequency drives. Variable frequency drives are used in various appliances, drives and compressors. Protecting a motor from overheating is very important. Heat can destroy a motor, causing lost work time and high repair costs.

Call or email us to find out which blower fan kit works best for you! Let us know if you need our shop to install the blower kit on your motor.

Blower Kit

“These kits are used for converting LEESON motors to totally enclosed blower cooled motors. Cooling per MG1.6 (IC46). The kits are designed for inverter and vector drive applications where continuous cooling is required regardless of motor shaft speed. The kit is mounted on the back of the motor after removing the fan guard and fan. Modifying the shaft is not required.”


C-Face Kits

At Electric Motor Company we have the ability to field mount a c-face kit on stock motors. C-face kits include the necessary parts to convert a rigid base mounted motor to NEMA c-face with base. The c-face kits may not be used as replacements on a factory produced c-face motor.

Please call 507-644-2727 or contact us before purchase to confirm correct part number for your application.

C face kit
D Flange Kit

D-Flange Kit

We have the ability to field mount a D-Flange kit on stock motors. D-Flange Kits include the necessary parts to convert a rigid base mounted motor to NEMA D-Face with base. The D-Flange kits may only be used on rigid base motors. They will not fit on NEMA C-Face motors.

Purchase D-Flanges by contacting us, visiting our store location, or by calling us at 507-644-2727.

Transition Kits

Transition Kits are used to take a smaller frame motor and mount into the next larger size frame. Kits includes all parts needed for mounting and are easy to install.

Purchase transition kits by calling us at 507-644-2727, contacting us, or by stopping at our store location. We would be happy to help!

Motor Sliding Base

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